Remember a Charity Week 2020

Remember a Charity Week 2020
Remember A Charity host an annual week-long event to encourage the public to think of charities when writing a Will.

This year’s Remember A Charity Week, 7-13th of September, is the perfect opportunity to have conversations with our supporters about leaving a gift in their Will. We know that many people have recently been reflecting on what matters most to them – family, friends and causes they care about. The week aims to boost understanding of the importance of gifts in Wills to charities such as ours and encourage more of our supporters to consider leaving a gift to the Dog Aid Society.

Building on last year’s campaign, Remember a Charity are once again using nostalgia and humour to challenge some of the biggest myths associated with gifts in Wills to show that it’s something everyone can do. This year, they have brought back everyone’s favourite burrow-dwelling family – The Wombles – to engage our supporters who remember them fondly. The animation, written and voiced in partnership with The Wombles, challenges a common misconception to show that it’s possible to look after loved ones and leave a gift to charity. Drawing on our highly successful theme, ‘Pass on something wonderful’, the film will end by inviting viewers to leave a gift in their Will.

You can find out more on how to leave a gift to the Dog Aid Society on our Help Us page. Find the Wombles video and more information on how to leave a gift in your Will at


Click on this image to watch The Wombles video on the Remember A Charity website.