Give dog up for adoption Scotland

If you are giving your dog for adoption

  1. Register your dog with the Society.
  2. We conduct home visits with applicants whose circumstances meet the dog’s requirements.
  3. The dog goes to their new home for 2 weeks on a foster period and then we conduct a follow up visit.
  4. We can give you updates to let you know how your dog is settling.
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Adopt a Dog Scotland

If you want to adopt a dog

  1. Check our website for dogs available.
  2. Apply for the dog that best matches what you are looking for.
  3. If your application is successful we will conduct a home visit.
  4. If you meet the dogs requirements we will bring the dog to stay with you for 2 weeks.
  5. We come back to conduct a follow up visit, give advice and sign the dog into your care. We ask for a fee of £70 for our dogs.
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Why Use Us?

  • Our Welfare Officer conducts home visits to match the right dog to the right home. They will also provide advice when required.
  • Giving a great home to a dog in need is a hugely rewarding experience.
  •  If the dog is un-neutered, the Society will cover costs for it to be castrated or spayed once it has settled into its new home.
  • If the dog is over 8 years old the Society will provide veterinary care in its new home as part of our Old Dog Scheme. This means we will cover all costs for veterinary care with exception to routine treatment for the remainder of their life in their new home.
  •  If the dog is re-homed with an existing condition such as a skin ailment, diabetes, heart murmur or cushings, the Society will cover veterinary costs relating to the condition for the remainder of their life in their new home.


  • The Society believes all dogs should have a fair chance of finding loving new homes. By providing this after care it means that older dogs or those with existing conditions will have a fairer chance of finding that forever home.
  • All of our dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped and come with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan.
  • We ask for a minimum donation of £70 for our dogs under the age of 8 and a minimum of £50 for those over 8 years old.
  • The Society has been providing this service for over 55 years.
  •  To view the dogs we currently have looking for new homes please click here.