Welcome a Dog Aid Society dog into your home

It is always preferable to rescue a dog that is in desperate need of a loving home than buying a dog from a breeder. The Society’s dogs come vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. You will feel great achievement watching a rescue dog settle into your home enjoying their new life with you.

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Become a Member of the Society

You can become an annual member of the Society. It costs £10 for a single and £15 for a joint annual membership. With this you will receive a welcome pack and updates of the Society’s work throughout the year. You could also become a life member for £50. These make great gifts for people who love dogs.

With your membership you will also receive a Dog Bequeath form. This is a service the Society provides to members. In the event of your death the Society would take care of your dog and find a loving new home for them should you pass away and members of your family either cannot or choose not to care for your dog.

The Society’s members are the backbone of the charity providing support year after year allowing us to assist more dogs. If you would like more information on membership or bequeathing your dog please contact the office.

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Set up a Standing Order

You can arrange a standing order to donate to the Society as much or as little as you can. Every donation makes a huge difference to our dogs. Click here to download the form.

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Register for Gift Aid

If you are a UK Tax payer, the Society can claim an extra 25p on every £1 you donate at no extra cost to you! This is a great opportunity to make your donation go further.

If you donate and are a Tax payer please complete the form below.

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Consider the Dog Aid Society in your Will

The greatest part of the Society’s work is possible because of the funding we receive from Legacies. Without these the Society would have to turn so many dogs in need away. The generosity of those who leave us a gift in their Will is particularly important to us. If you love dogs and feel that you would like to continue to help them when you are no longer here why not consider the Society in your Will? This is a selfless act that will help us continue our work without you being out of pocket at present.

The best way to arrange this is to have your wishes written into your Will by your Solicitor. If you do not do this your family may encounter problems after your death whilst distributing your estate. Your Solicitor will be able to provide further advice.

If you would like any further information, our staff would be happy to talk to you. Please call 0131 668 3633.


Visit Remember A Charity’s website for advice on making a Will and leaving a gift to charity.


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Bequeath Service - Forever After

The Society also provides a dog bequeath service called Forever After. This is for dog owners who are faced with the worry that should anything happen to them and they have no-one who would be able or willing to take their dog into their home, the Society will find a safe and loving environment for the remainder of the dog’s life.

Fill out and return the form below to bequeath your dog to the Society. For more information please contact the office on 0131 668 3633.


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