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Additional Information

Name: Ruby
Breed: Jack Russell / Manchester Terrier Cross
Gender: Female – to be spayed once rehomed.
Age: 3 years old.
living with children? : Ruby is suitable to live with children aged 10 and over.
living with other dogs? : No.
living with cats? : No.

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Gorgeous Ruby, a 3 year old Jack Russell Cross, is looking for a new home with Terrier experience. Her new owner(s) must also be willing to continue her training as she is still young and has mostly grown up during lockdowns.

Ruby is being left in the home alone now little by little, but she still suffers from some separation anxiety and will cry a little initially but she eventually settles. Ruby would love a home where the owner(s) work from home or someone is around most of the time.

Ruby is very excitable with visitors and will jump up at first but she will calm down and just wants some attention. A real people-dog, she lets strangers say hi when out and about. She is used to being around children, mostly around 10 years old so Ruby could live with children about this age or above. She has been great with children this age, affectionate and gentle.

Ruby needs some training on her lead-work as she pulls when on the lead. Her recall is good but she has not had a lot of experience off-lead so this will need worked on too. She is fine with other dogs when outside when on the lead; she lets them sniff and has a play. However, she is not okay with other dogs in her home so she must be the only dog in her new home.

Ruby loves to be pampered, she loves being washed and brushed and enjoys the groomers. She has not stayed at kennels before. Ruby is a very affectionate dog, she will snuggle up and enjoy sharing the sofa with you at the end of the day.

Ruby would love to have a garden (preferably with grass) in her new home as she could play fetch for hours! Her favourite toy is a ball.

Ruby is great at travelling in the car, even for very long journeys. She would love a home where she goes on long walks and where she can play fetch a lot.

Ruby is a cheeky girl looking for a home where she can get up to lots of mischief but stay your best friend and snuggle up in the evenings. She would make a great family dog if she is the only dog in the home, or would also be happy in an adult-only home. As long as she gets to play fetch and cuddle! If you think Ruby might be a perfect fit for your home, please apply above.

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