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Additional Information

Name: Reggie
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Neutered male.
Age: 20 months old
living with children? : Reggie is not suitable to live with children.
living with other dogs? : No.
living with cats? : No.

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Reggie is looking for a new home that is not a flat, where there are no children and no visiting children, that has a secure garden and where he will have company for most of the day. Ideally, we are also looking for a home that has French Bulldog experience. His new owners would need to be willing to continue his training to build up his confidence around other dogs, as Reggie is still young and a ‘lockdown pup’.

Reggie is a friendly wee boy and enjoys people’s company. However, he can be reactive to other dogs when out on walks. He normally has a ball in his mouth when on the lead and if he does not have the ball he reacts to dogs passing by. Reggie is good on the lead so he will come back to heal if this happens. Reggie is used to a harness to help in these situations. He is always on the lead when out unless in an isolated field or other area. This is also why a secure garden is a requirement in all applications for Reggie, so he can be free to run around at home.

Reggie is absolutely football obsessed, he loves nothing more than playing fetch. His recall is not great but if you have a ball, you should have his full attention. He loves toys and his bones and loves nothing more than playing with you in the garden and getting treats. Reggie also loves to sunbathe in the garden.

As well as issues with other dogs, Reggie is uncomfortable around children and will resource guard food. For this reason, he is looking for a home without children or any visiting children.

Reggie can be left for several hours; he is crate trained, so will stay there and sleep. But he loves company so much it would be great if this did not happen often. Reggie is getting better at travelling in the car, he can get a little car sick on long journeys, but he is happy to be picked up or to jump in. Reggie has been to the groomers before and behaved very well.

Reggie is a super loving dog, he is very loyal, he gives a thousand kisses and also loves a good snooze on the sofa.

Please apply if you think you’re the right fit for Reggie.

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