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Additional Information

Name: Neeko
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Gender: Male – to be neutered once rehomed.
Age: 9 years old
living with children? : Neeko is not suitable to live with children.
living with other dogs? : No.
living with cats? : No.

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Neeko is a great little guy looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances. At 9 years old*, the Cocker Spaniel still has a lot of energy and is an extremely attentive companion.

Neeko needs an experienced dog owner as he is quite strong-willed so ideally his new owner(s) will have experience of training and handling different behaviours. Neeko has separation anxiety so he needs a home where he can be with someone most of the time. He can be left alone for a few hours, but he tends to bark. For this reason, the new home should not be a flat as his barking could become an issue.
Neeko is great in the car and since he still has a lot of energy, he would love to travel for a proper walk. He would love a new home where he can go on hikes or long walks. Neeko is also used to having a garden so that would be ideal to have in the new home. He loves to play with his toys with you.

Out on walks, Neeko is generally okay with other dogs. He likes to play with dogs his size and about the same age, especially females. He will pull on the lead and his recall can be really good but it depends if he is responsive. This will need worked on. Neeko is really clever so he has a lot of potential to improve if his new owner(s) are open to training.

Neeko is good with visitors to the home, he will bark a bit out of excitement and then settle. He loves attention. Neeko can be wary of men sometimes, particularly if they are wearing a hat. He can also be sensitive about having his paws or belly rubbed. Neeko has been to the groomers and likes being brushed. He has no experience of kennels.

Neeko may have a few quirks but he is a very loving dog. He loves attention and being with someone, he is very loyal. He is energetic and very clever so he could really thrive in the right home. If you think this is you, please apply for the lovely Neeko.

*OLD DOG SCHEME: The Dog Aid Society’s Old Dog Scheme covers dogs re-homed at 8 years old or above. This means that the Society will cover costs for veterinary care for the dog for the remainder of their life within reason. We do not cover costs for routine treatments such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. If the dog requires special dietary food we will contribute 50% of the cost. This will alleviate the worry of the financial implications taking an older dog into your home. Older dogs make great pets! Why not consider an older dog?

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