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Additional Information

Name: Loki
Breed: Husky Cross (Romanian Rescue)
Gender: Neutered male.
Age: 3 years old
living with children? : Loki is suited to a home with teenagers.
living with other dogs? : Loki could potentially live with a friendly female.
living with cats? : No.

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Loki is originally from Romania but he has lived in the UK since he was a puppy.

Loki is a big hairy bundle of joy who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. Out on walks Loki generally will ignore people and walk past them but is uncomfortable if strangers come over to try pet him. Although he is happy around children we are looking for a home where any children are teenagers. He is friendly with most dogs and may occasionally have a play with them, however isn’t keen on small black dogs and doesn’t like them sniffing him. Loki could potentially live with a friendly female dog.

As a Husky cross he has a very thick coat that requires lots of grooming as he does shed alot, so this will need to be taken into consideration. Loki will bark when visitors come to the house, but does quickly settles. Loki walks well on the lead however unfortunately can not be let off the lead. He also usually wears a muzzle when out walking, this is to stop him from scavenging food as he is partial to picking up and even licking all sorts out on walks. Loki travels well in the car and gets excited if he knows he going for a nice walk somewhere.

Loki is crate trained as is happy to be left in his crate for short periods at a time. He also uses his crate at night time to sleep in. Loki is a very playful dog who has so much love to give. He will make a wonderful addition to the family. Loki is looking for a home where his new owners have Husky type experience. As he can’t get off lead, he may love to do a sport such as cani cross where he can run to burn away some of his energy.

If you can offer Loki an active home where he can reach his full potential then please fill in the application form.

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