Additional Information

Name: Conrad
Breed: Lurcher Cross
Gender: Male
Age: 6 1/2 years old
living with children? : Conrad would be suitable to live with teenagers.
living with other dogs? : Yes, a nice female.
living with cats? : No.

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Conrad is looking for a new loving home through no fault of his own.

Due to a car accident, Conrad can get pain in his hind legs if he over-exerts himself. This means Conrad needs medium walks and should not be over-worked.

Conrad’s new owner must have experience with dogs. He is a smart boy with a strong hunting instinct and requires company throughout the day. He would really benefit from activities that work his brain. Conrad is very happy to see people, but he will bark loudly at visitors for a few minutes because he is really excited. However, he will ignore strangers when out on walks as Conrad is more interested in sniffing around. Although he is good with children, Conrad is sensitive around his hind legs and has not lived with children before, so we recommend he could live with children in their teenage years and up.

Conrad is good with other dogs and likes to play around but if he is not in the mood to play he will ignore them and sniff around instead. Conrad will growl at male dogs a similar size or larger. He pulls on the lead and running freely off-lead is a bit risky for his legs, but controlled play is good. Conrad will chase a cat if he sees one so he cannot live with cats. He will chase other small animals such as squirrels, foxes etc., so attention must be given if he is off-lead.

Conrad does not enjoy being alone. Conrad loves to be brushed and enjoys playing ball games or playing with bones in the garden. He loves to sniff everything in the garden so it would be preferable for him to have a garden in his new home. Conrad can get bored quite easily and since he has such a good nose, something like scent work would be ideal for him. Conrad used to take part in agility classes but this is too much for his legs – now, he would love something to stimulate his brain instead.

Conrad is looking for a constant companion who will work his brain and take him on nice walks with lots of good smells. With this and lots of  playing in the garden, Conrad would be very happy in his lovely new home.

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