Additional Information

Name: Chip
Breed: French Bull Dog /Pomeranian Cross
Gender: Chip is a neutered male
Age: 1 year 2 months old
living with children? : Chip can live in a home where there are teenagers
living with other dogs? : No
living with cats? : No

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Chip is a fun little dog who has boundless amounts of energy. He is still young so would benefit from some continued training in his new home. Chip is very affectionate, but by no means a lap dog. He loves being close to you, but isn’t one for being on your lap for a cuddle, however does like a morning snuggle in your bed.

Chip loves going for his daily walks, especially to places where he can get off lead and have a good run around. His recall does need work on, especially if there are other dogs nearby as he would likely want to run over to see them which could potentially get him into trouble. Chip is usually very friendly with other dogs, especially if they want to play, but unfortunately he doesn’t always read other dogs well when they are no longer interested in him. There has been the odd dog he hasn’t reacted well to, these have usually been very small dogs. When he is on the lead and he sees other dogs he will bark as he is wanting to go and see them. He has previously for a short time lived with another dog and Chip did not like this, so we are looking for him to be the only pet in the home.

Chip loves playing fetch with a ball, running around playing with his owners and his favourite treats are cheese and banana which will come in handy when training him. He has a fun personality and constantly makes his current owners laugh and smile at his mischievous side. He knows how to sit, stay, lie down and give a paw. He has never bitten however when he gets a little excited he can be a bit mouthy. With training this can be helped.

Chip loves when visitors come to the house. He is very cheeky and will jump and bark at them for attention. It takes a few minutes for him to calm down enough to be petted. Unfortunately Chip does suffer from separation anxiety and does bark when left alone for any length of time. He isn’t destructive with it, just barks and sits at the front door awaiting your return. This can be helped with time and further training to help slowly build his confidence up for when being left. Chip travels well in the car.

Chip is looking for a home where he will have company during the day. He would love an active home, perhaps a family who likes hill walking, agility or something that will keep him mentally and physically stimulated. He would benefit from continuing with his training especially his separation anxiety. Do you have the time and patience to help bring this cheeky chap on?

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