About Marley
  • Breed:
    Jack Russell Cross
  • Age:
    4 years old
  • Gender:
    Marley is a neutered male
  • Child Suitability:
    Marley is suited to living with teenagers.
  • Live With Dogs:
    Marley could live with an older well behaved female.
  • Live With Cats:
Marley's Profile

Marley is a Jack Russell / Border Collie Cross. He is only about 15 inches tall, but he has the body of a medium sized dog so isn’t really a small dog.

Marley is a friendly chap who is looking for a nice home in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of busy town life. Marley is usually quite happy to meet and greet people however he gets very excited and will jump up at you. When visitors come to the house if he knows you he is a licker and wants to have lots of attention. Marley hasn’t met many children and although he is friendly he would prefer to live in a home with teenagers. He can be a bit sensitive and will need some time and patience to help him settle into his new home.

Marley has previously lived with another dog and they got on really well and played. When he is out on walks he is very sociable and doesn’t mind other dogs. He could potentially live with a well mannered older female for company. Marley is ok when left for short periods of a time however isn’t suited to being left every day. He would prefer to have company during the day where he can get lots of attention and go for really nice walks. Marley is good on the lead however he can pull at times and he can be quite strong with it. Marley is fine to be off lead and has a good recall.

Despite having little legs, Marley is still very energetic and loves nothing more than going for his daily walks. He would love to go to different places such as the beach or the wood where he can get off lead and run around to his hearts content and enjoys sniffing all the different smells. Once back from his walks Marley likes a snuggle on the sofa. His favourite treats are carrot and loves Kong toys to play with. He can destroy tennis balls and fabric toys.

Marley is looking for a quiet home preferably with his own secure garden. He is a fabulous dog he just needs a little guidance and training. Do you have space on your sofa for this handsome guy?

Please think carefully before applying for Marley and think how any changes in your circumstances may affect your ability to care for him. If you would like to be considered to re-home Marley please click on the green register your interest button and this will take you to our application form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.