About Cassie
  • Breed:
    Border Collie
  • Age:
    9 years old
  • Gender:
    Cassie is a spayed female.
  • Child Suitability:
    Cassie would be suited to live with teenagers.
  • Live With Dogs:
    Yes, with careful introduction.
  • Live With Cats:

    The Dog Aid Society’s Old Dog Scheme covers dogs re-homed at 8 years old or above. This means that the Society will cover costs for veterinary care for the dog for the remainder of their life within reason. We do not cover costs for routine treatments such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. If the dog requires special dietary food we will contribute 50% of the cost.

    This will alleviate the worry of the financial implications taking an older dog into your home. Older dogs make great pets! Why not consider an older dog?

Cassie's Profile

Cassie is a shy girl looking for a new home through no fault of her own.

Out on walks, Cassie is quite timid when is comes to strangers as she will bark and avoid them. She will also retreat and bark at children if she is on the lead when they approach her. Cassie will bark if someone is at the door, even if she knows them. She is shy towards new visitors at first but will come over to be petted once she has settled; Cassie loves nothing more than being made a fuss of.

Cassie will bark at other dogs to keep them away. Cassie is best behaved when she is on the lead although she can pull. She does not have good recall off the lead so this could be worked on in a secure area. Cassie has been known to have accidents in the morning before being let out, but this could be fixed by a change of routine and more company during the day.

Cassie is happiest when she is being petted and is given attention. However, she is weary of being touched if she has not seen you approach, from behind for example. She is alright to travel by car, if a little nervous. Cassie is happy to be washed and brushed after a particularly muddy walk.

Although she is very timid, Cassie is generally quite laid back and assured once she is comfortable in the home. She will keep herself occupied and is quite independent. Her new home would preferably be with someone who has Border Collie experience and a secure garden. Cassie may be shy but she has a lot of love to give and would love to find a new home with someone who has time to spend their day with her and give her all the attention she deserves.

Please think carefully before applying for Cassie and think how any changes in your circumstances may affect your ability to care for her. If you would like to be considered to re-home Cassie please click on the green register your interest button and this will take you to our application form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.

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