About Biscuit
  • Breed:
    Staffie Cross
  • Age:
    6 years old
  • Gender:
    Biscuit is a spayed female.
  • Child Suitability:
    Biscuit is suited to living with children aged 10 years old or over.
  • Live With Dogs:
  • Live With Cats:
    Biscuit currently lives with a cat. She could live with a dog savvy cat as long as there is a careful introduction.
Biscuit's Profile

Biscuit is a beautiful looking Staffie Cross. Biscuit is very active and enjoys longer walks where she can safely run around. She is very friendly with people and has a very loving nature. Biscuit does prefer men and seems to be more comfortable around them. In her current home she is very dog reactive, however does not show the same level of reactiveness when out walking with her male owner.

Biscuit has lots of love to give and in the right home will make a wonderful addition to the family. She needs an experienced and understanding owner to help her through her dog reactivity issues. Biscuit loves swimming down at the beach and her favourite game is playing tug of war. Biscuit needs strong rubber toys otherwise she will destroy them and eat the bits. If she isn’t too busy running around having fun she can be found cuddled in on the sofa or her bed. She is very clever and knows how to sit, stay, wait, here, drop, tent (which is her crate/bed). She has very polite manners around food and will sit and wait patiently until she is told she can have her food.

Biscuit is happy to be left alone for short periods of time in a crate however she is currently used to having company during the day. Biscuit travels ok in the car and travels in a crate. Biscuit can be a cheeky monkey at times and eat things in the house that aren’t hers such as children’s toys, crayon and pencils.

Biscuit does pull when walking on a lead. She is quite strong and this will need a little bit of training in her new home. Biscuit loves to be off lead and running around however her recall does need work. As she isn’t great with other dogs she shouldn’t be off lead where she may come into close proximity of another dog. Biscuit was attacked as a puppy and this has changed her behaviour towards strange dogs. She will bark and lunge at them when she is on the lead. Positive training may help Biscuit to become more manageable around other dogs however this will take time and commitment.

Biscuit is looking for a new home where her owner will have experience of having a dog reactive dog. Due to her breed unfortunately she is easily judged but if you can get past her breed and feel you have the experience to offer Biscuit a new home then please fill in the Register your interest form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.