Dog Care – COVID

Dog Care – COVID
Tips on how to keep safe and how to prevent spreading coronavirus.

The Society has put together some tips on how to handle and take care of dogs safely during the coronavirus outbreak through a simple and comprehensive poster (above).

Over the past months, we have loved hearing from our DASS dog owners about how much their canine friends have helped them during this time. Dogs and other pets can greatly improve your mood and can give comfort during lockdown, when we are not seeing as many people or going out as much. Owners can also feel a benefit from the routine involved in caring for pets. This is all extremely important for our mental health and well-being.

The Society hopes owners have been feeling these benefits and aims to bring back its Re-homing Service in the near future for those looking to care for a dog. Keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page for updates.

If you would like further advice or have any questions on this subject, please contact the office at or on 0131 668 3633 (or 07940 780 589 if there is no answer during office hours).