DASS April Miles Challenge

DASS April Miles Challenge
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“These Bones Are Made For Walking”: The Society’s staff and Trustees will aim to cover 320 miles in the month of April to raise money for our Neutering Scheme. This Scheme helps hundreds of dogs get neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted puppies, as well as for health or behavioural reasons. Over the years DASS has helped thousands of dogs get neutered; in 2020 alone, we neutered 167 dogs despite veterinary surgeries only carrying out emergency treatment for a period of lockdown.

Every mile of the 320 goal represents a bone in the average dog’s body. Regular dog facts will be posted on our Facebook page and we will show updates on our progress by filling in bones of the dog (see image below) to represent how many miles have been covered.

Through this sponsored event we hope to spread some knowledge about our best friends and encourage the well-being of owners and dogs by inspiring people to get out and walk every day, if you can, while raising money for our Neutering Scheme. Please donate to this cause if you can by clickling here

To continue the theme of filling in and with lockdown still enforced, we have provided drawings for children and adults to colour-in and get creative – save and print the images below! These have been skillfully designed by one of our Trustees.

Send photos of your creations to the Society’s Facebook page or to enquiries@dogaidsociety.com – and there might be a little prize for the best pieces of art! 


Children’s Drawing

Adults’ Drawing