Online Re-homing

Online Re-homing
Please be very careful when considering re-homing online

The internet is a wonderful thing, or at least it can be. With the popularity of the internet, many rescue centres have also seen a rise in the number of unwanted dogs and cruelty cases. It is now possible to advertise and buy dogs and other animals online on websites where you can also buy used cars or old furniture.

Unfortunately many of these animals are not what they seem, the owner is trying to re-home them for a reason which they often fail to disclose be it health problems, temperament, or a result of a puppy farm. You simply do not know what sort of dog you are getting. Similarly, if you have a pet that you can no longer care for and advertise it online through one of the numerous sites, you have little control of what sort of home the animal will end up in. Often these sites are used by scammers or by people looking for animals for breeding, fighting or baiting. It is horrifying to think of the situations these animals could potentially end up in. The homes are completely unchecked and often the buyer or seller may use a fake address or change their number shortly after the transaction.

The Society receives many calls from people who have obtained dogs through these websites and have ended up with a dog that they cannot cope with because the information given was untrue. If a dog turns out to be aggressive, rescue homes are unable to re-home them and the new owner has no option but to keep the dog and try and work through the behaviour issues themselves.

The safest, kindest and best way to re-home a pet is by using a reputable rescue centre. Whether you are looking for a new dog or looking to re-home your dog that you can no longer care for, please contact the Society for advice. We will be happy to explain the process.

All of our dogs go to approved homes after checks have been conducted. We also conduct follow up visits to check all of our dogs are happy and settled. We neuter, vaccinate and micro-chip all dogs once happily settled with their new families. We also encourage updates so we can pass these to the previous owner for reassurance of the dog’s well-being.

So before you check online make sure you visit first.

If you would like any further information on this please call our office on 0131 668 3633.