2018 Sponsored walk

2018 Sponsored walk
Supporting our Neutering Scheme

The staff will embark on the Sponsored Walk on Saturday 5th May!

The first event in the Society’s 2018 calendar is our Sponsored Walk. This year the staff will walk the Ring of St Mary’s Loch on Saturday 5th May. St Mary’s Loch is sited between Selkirk and Moffat and is the  largest loch in the Scottish Borders. The circular walk is 15km in length and takes in part of the Southern Upland Way. Views of Rodono House, a Scottish Baronial mansion can be enjoyed from part of the walk overlooking the water. Built as a shooting lodge in 1866 it was latterly used as a hotel famous for its high society parties. It is  reported that during one wild party in 1934, a group of guests drove a Model T Ford onto the frozen loch and left it there. When the ice melted the car sank to the bottom of the loch where it still lies! The walk is rich in history and interest and the staff are looking forward to a great day out with the dogs

All the money raised from the Sponsored Walk will support the Society’s Neutering Scheme. This helps to   encourage dog owners on a low income to neuter their dogs. Every year the Society assists with the neutering of hundreds of dogs. This dramatically reduces the potential number of unwanted dogs in rescue centres all over Scotland.

If you would like to sponsor the staff for the walk, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘Dog Aid Society of Scotland’ to our office at 60 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh, EH9 3ER or alternatively through our done button found at the top of this page. All donations, however small, will make a huge difference to this invaluable scheme.

Thank you for your kind support.