About Simba
  • Breed:
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Age:
    5 years old
  • Gender:
    Neutered male
  • Child Suitability:
    Simba is suitable to live with children who are teenagers.
  • Live With Dogs:
  • Live With Cats:
    Simba has previously lived with cats, therefore we would re-home him where there are dog savvy cats.
Simba's Profile

Simba is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He has lots of love to give and will make a lovely companion once he is settled into his new home. Simba is looking for an experienced owner as he can be nervous and is looking for an owner who has the time and patience to help build his confidence up around strangers.

Simba is great with dogs of similar size or smaller than him. He can be overwhelmed by larger dogs and would rather not socialise with them. He has previously lived with cats and we would happily re-home him where there are dog savvy cats in the home. Simba is not happy to be left alone and will bark or howl and on occasions be destructive. For this reason we would not re-home him into a flat. The current owners leave the tv on or some music for him which does help him settle a bit better. He will need to build his confidence up to being left for a short period at a time. Simba can be nervous of strangers and when people first come to the house. He may bark at them, however he will eventually settle once he realises that you are ok, or if you have lots of treats for him. Simba is ok around children however as he can be very bouncy he may accidentally knock them over or be too boisterous around them. Therefore we are looking for a home where any children are teenagers. Unfortunately Simba does not like trips to the vets and he does need to wear a muzzle.

Simba can pull when walking on a lead, however he wears a harness to take the strain off his neck. Simba travels ok as long as music is playing. If there is no music he gets a bit nervous without it on. Simba loves lots of attention and lying on your feet. He is very active and enjoys going out for his daily walks where he can have a good run around. He does have an ok recall but can be distracted by lots of smells! Simba is very clever and can sit, lie down, go to bed, Hi 5 and paw. His favourite trick is balancing a biscuit on his nose! He will also speak for a biscuit too.

Despite Simba being a nervous dog he has lots of love to give and will make a fantastic companion to the right owner.He is full of fun and mischief and is sure to make you smile on a daily basis. Are you around during the day and willing to put in the time and patience to help give this sweet boy a forever home?

Please think carefully before applying for Simba and think how any changes in your circumstances may affect your ability to care for him. If you would like to be considered to re-home Simba please click on the green register your interest button and this will take you to our application form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.



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