About Captain
  • Breed:
    Border Collie
  • Age:
    11 months old
  • Gender:
    Captain is a neutered male.
  • Child Suitability:
    Captain has not had very much experience with children. Therefore we are looking for a home where any children are teenagers or even an adult only home.
  • Live With Dogs:
    Captain has no manners around dogs therefore he would be better suited to being an only dog.
  • Live With Cats:
    Captain is not suitable to live with cats.
Captain's Profile

Captain is a beautiful boy who is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. He is looking for a very experienced Collie owner who will have the time and patience to take him back to basics. Captain has not had very much training and has no concept of boundaries. Unfortunately as he has lacked socialisation around dogs he does not really understand when a dog is telling him off and will keep pestering them. This will require a new owner to put in the work to help ensure that he grows up to be a well mannered dog. There is no malice in him, he is just over friendly.

Captain will need an activity to do to keep his brain stimulated. He would love agility or some other fun activity that uses both physical exercise and mental stimulation. He has shown potential in being a quick learner. He is a young dog and just needs guidance.

Captain is very happy when visitors come to the house however he may be a little over friendly. When he is out on a walk Captain can be a little wary of unfamiliar people. Captain isn’t fully toilet trained and may still have the odd accident in the house. With consistency and a good routine this should be resolved easily. Captain does pull when walking on a lead and currently doesn’t have a good recall. Captain travels ok in the car. He can be destructive in the house even when his owners are there.  Captain is ok to be left for short periods at a time. In his new home he would prefer to have company for most of the day. His favourite games are tuggy and would play this all day if he could, he also enjoys retrieving his toys and will happily bring it back for you to throw again.

Captain needs to go completely back to basics with all of his training. He has a wonderful loving personality and the willingness to learn. He just needs the right home to help unlock all of his potential. Captain is not the easiest of dogs as he is full of mischief however this is not his fault and in the right home where they understand the breed he will make a wonderful addition to the family. Ideally Captain would love access to his own secure garden.

Please think carefully before applying for Captain and think how any changes in your circumstances may affect your ability to care for him. If you would like to be considered to re-home Captain please click on the green register your interest button and this will take you to our application form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.