About Bridie and Miah
  • Breed:
    Both are Crossbreeds
  • Age:
    3 years old and 2 years old
  • Gender:
    Both are Neutered Females
  • Child Suitability:
    Bridie and Miah are both suited to live with teenagers
  • Live With Dogs:
    Bridie and Miah are looking for a home together.
  • Live With Cats:

    Bridie can have sensitive skin on her tummy and occasionally may need a steroid cream to clear it up.

    This fund allows the Society to cover costs of pre-existing conditions once a dog has been re-homed. This means we will cover costs for vet treatment if the dog has a condition before it comes to stay with you. In this case we will covers costs relating to Bridie’s skin condition within reason.

Bridie and Miah's Profile

Bridie and Miah are looking for a home together. Bridie will be 3 years old in April. She is a Great Dane / Boxer Cross. Miah is almost 2 years old. She is a Staffie Cross.

Bridie is a very friendly girl who is always happy to meet new people whether it is when visitors come to the house or if she is out on a walk. Bridie has had experience of being around children of all ages and is very keen to say hello to them. Bridie has never lived with children therefore we are looking for a home where any children are teenagers. Bridie weighs about 37kg and although she has no nastiness in her she does like to lean against people for attention and may accidentally knock a small child over. Bridie loves to go for her walks however she can be quite strong on the lead. She will pull at the start of a walk as she is excited to be out. Bridie’s favourite walk is to the woods where she can be let off to have a good run and sniff around. She has a good recall when she knows there is chicken in your pocket.

Bridie loves playing with her toys. She loves playing with her rope toy or chasing a ball. Bridie enjoys having a chew stick and will happily chew on this for a while when she is in the house relaxing. She travels well in the car in happily will jump in and out. Bridie is very clever and knows lots of commands such as sit, stay, turn, through, heel, wait and a few more. Bridie is happy to be left in the house for about 4 hours and is not destructive when left. Bridie is great with other dogs and will want to go and say hello to them. With her size other dogs may find her intimidating as she is quite big but there is no aggression towards other dogs. Overall Bridie is a good all rounder and will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Miah is a lovely Staffie Cross. Miah loves her sister Bridie and enjoys nothing more than snuggling up next to her. Miah thrives on human company, and appears to have slight separation anxiety as she doesn’t like to be be alone and will follow you around the house. She will even sit patiently outside the door when you nip to the toilet. This however can be helped with some training. Having her sister to keep her company and leaving the tv on also helps. Miah travels well in the car, she sits on the back sit in a harness as she had a bad experience in the boot of a car and is not keen to go in any more. Miah is very friendly with people and visitors. When she wags her tail it is like a whip as it is so strong.

Miah is also very strong when walking on the lead. She usually pulls at the start of a walk but this is because she is just excited to be out. Like Bridie, Miah’s favourite walks are to the woods. She also enjoys sniffing around. Miah has a good recall when called especially when she knows you have chicken with you. Miah is good with other dogs and wants to go and say hello and have a play with them. Miah is always happy to do a trick for a treat and is eager to learn new things. Miah will make a fantastic companion and she has lots of love to give a new owner.

Bridie and Miah both would love a home where they can stay together. They are used to going in a heated outside run during the day when the owner is at work. Even though they are used to the outside run, they are happy and not destructive when left for short periods at a time in the house. Ideally as they are both large dogs their new owners have experience with larger breeds. Bridie and Miah would prefer to have more company during the day although they are happy to being left for short periods at a time.

Please think carefully before applying for Bridie and Miah and think how any changes in your circumstances may affect your ability to care for them. If you would like to be considered to re-home them please click on the green register your interest button and this will take you to our application form. Once you have completed and sent the form you will receive an automatic response to your email address that you have supplied. This means we have successfully received your application. Please note that the Society only re-homes within Scotland.